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“Words, words, words, that’s life.” —Larry Woiwode

Nathan Clark George is a husband, dad, and musician. In his head he drives old, quirky, reliable cars while listening to the Carter Family, Alison Krauss, Bach, Lyle Lovett, the Mozart Clarinet Concertos, and Steely Dan. In reality he drives old, quirky cars. When he’s not driving or playing music he likes reading Larry Woiwode, George MacDonald, George Herbert, or about old guitars and cars.

In 1988 Nathan began writing and playing shows in Southern Illinois with a three piece band. Ten years later he was married and traveling the country playing solo acoustic-guitarshows, which led to living in a RV with his wife and six children for 5 years. Now, he continues to record and tour, but is also fully engaged at Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, TN. For scheduling please contact him above, or peruse the pics below .