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No more fainting / Boundless

Hello from Colorado,

First, welcome aboard to all the newcomers! I hope you were able to grab the free instrumental tunes.

In case you were wondering, it’s not humid here in CO. Yeah! The other good news is that I have not fainted once in the last two weeks, not even while driving. Thanks so much for all the notes. I received so many that I could not reply to them all! Please know that I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Several people wrote to say that they had stopped to pray for us the day I fainted, or the day before. I’m thankful for you all, and the way the Lord protected us. The following day at a concert in Lawrence, KS I sang Psalm 121 with new gratitude to God.

By the way, for now I am simply upping my intake of good stuff to bolster my system. After talking with several folks, it seems there are some explanations for what happened, and it sounds as if it will not be too difficult to correct/avoid.

On to NEWS:
I really only have one item this go-round: My music was featured on a podcast produced by Focus on the Family called The Boundless Show. If you have some time in the car, or while mowing the lawn, or knocking around the house, you can down load it and give the show a listen. You can grab it at itunes, or at their site:http://boundless.typepad.com/podcast/

Also, watch for a future interview with the folks on The Boundless Show as well – I’ll keep you posted.

Peace to you,

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