O LORD, Our Lord – Psalm 8

Just posted our new Psalm of the Month here at Parish Presbyterian Church. The first two verses are as a congregation would sing them, and during the last two I take a few melodic liberties. Enjoy!

Sheet Music:

Below are lead sheets (lyrics, melody, and chords).  I’ve recorded this in Cm, but Dm would also be a good congregational key, which will be the ley for the forthcoming four part version.

Psalm 8 chords
Psalm 8 chords capo
Psalm 8 congregation (no chords)
Four Part Version (coming soon)

About the Tune:

This melody might strike you as slightly different in character, at least for those of us that are used to standard hymnody and choruses. The reason is that I’m using the dorian mode, which is slightly different than a standard minor key. When I say it’s in Cm, the truth is that we are actually using the Bb major scale, but the tonic is one step up. That means that when we end on the F we are actually ending on the four chord, which avoids ending in minor and hints at major, but it also leaves you with a slight unresolved feeling. So, the last chord of the last verse the C major chord really jumps out with a sense of finality. (or, for the capo version play the G scale with the Am being tonic.)